Introduction to the Muse DAO

The Muse DAO focuses on building decentralized applications (DAPPS) to further the NFT space. The $MUSE governance token is at the center of our building and we strive to bring products to the market that will grow the MUSE DAO

Initial Team

The Muse DAO was created by Jules and Adam with help along the way by community members. All our projects were bootstrapped without any external investment or presale. They are friends and have been following and working in the Ethereum space for over 5 years:

Adam & GrandsMarquis

The DAO is open for devs, innovators, and creators to launch their projects in the ecosystem to benefit from the DAO community and resources.

Open Call to All NFT Project Teams

Reach out to us to see how your communities can benefit from one another and work together. We are looking for long-term strategic partnerships and innovative teams for research and development!

All our DAPPS are currently unaudited and should be used with caution. Any risks you take using our platforms are your own, caution and a firm understanding of the protocols is advised.

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