The Very Nifty Gallery

The VeryNifty Gallery was an experimental tamagotchi-like game that ended in February 2021 which was responsible for creating $MUSE. The game is no longer ongoing so users should not interact with the contracts.


The team did not want to do a private or public sale of any kind to launch the game. Users who wanted to play the game just had to join the Telegram and they would be airdropped a VNFT. These NFTs minted $MUSE every day.


Once a player got a VNFT either through the airdrop, staking $MUSE, wrapping a supported NFT or buying on OpenSea they could start playing. All pets started at level 1 and a score of 0. When you entered the game your pet had a TOD (Time of death) of 3 days and could mine 6 $MUSE (ERC-20) every 24 hours.


Players had to "feed" their pets with gems which cost $MUSE. Each gem cost a different amount of muse, gave points that added to your score and extended TOD. The amounts of these changed over time as the game evolved and the community gave feedback.


If a pets TOD reached 0 any player could "kill" it, this gave 60% of the pets score to the killer. When this was done, the NFT would be sent from the players wallet to the burn address.


The bazaar was where players could buy accessories if they had enough HP and $MUSE. These accessories had "Super Powers" that gave you new abilities and allowed you to customize your pet.


HP was introduced to show how active players were, it was based on how aggressive the pet was leveled, their rarity points and how many add-ons where owned. You can read more about health, rarity, the bazaar and the first 3 accessories here.


If you bought the bonk accessory you were given 1 attack per level and you could battle for a chance at some of the opponents points and $MUSE.


If you bought the cash-back accessory you could claim a $MUSE cash-back once every 7 days. For more about how Battles and cash-back worked you can read more here.


Races were introduced to the game where players could enter with $MUSE and have a chance at winning the pot.

End of the game

Ethereum mainnet gas fees got extremely high and $MUSE was not worth what it is today. The community expressed a lot of frustration and there were no L2s live at the time to help with gas costs. A vote was passed that ended the game, distributed rewards for players that stuck it out and made $MUSE the governance token of the Muse DAO.