Use Cases

NFT holders: Collectors of any project can easily deposit their items in exchange for the associated tokens in order to get instant value and liquidity for their NFTs. NFT20 is also an ideal way to collect NFTs themselves, as the volume and liquidity guarantees a fair price for both sellers and buyers.

NFT creators: NFT project developers can create or support the pool for their NFT project on NFT20 as well. Having a healthy pool with good liquidity on a dex enables your users to easily trade their items together and allows newcomers to get items at a fair price. The pool can also be used as a sale mechanism for NFT projects while the pair is incentivized to get high liquidity.

NFT investors: Having access to tokenized derivatives of an NFT project enables generic investors to speculate on the price of a collection without having to worry about identifying and buying individual items, as these operations can become pretty difficult. This attempts to address one of the outstanding problems in NFT investing: getting general price exposure to NFT ecosystems.

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