Adding a project

This guide is written for NFT project owners or anyone looking to make a pool. If you want to add your project to NFT20 and encounter difficulties don’t hesitate to contact us on Telegram/Discord. If you want to see a project you like on NFT20 you can create a pool yourself or contact the project owners to add it and incentivize liquidity.

NFT project developers can create or support the pool for their NFT project. Having a healthy pool with good liquidity on a DEX enables their users to easily trade their items together, and for newcomers to get their items at a fair price. The pool can also be used as a sale mechanism for NFT projects while the pair is incentivized to get high liquidity. NFT projects featured on NFT20 will add a use case for your NFTs, users will be able to buy, sell and swap their NFTs in a more liquid way as well as creating arbitrage opportunities on OpenSea and other second hand markets where you can capture fees.

Create a pool

Creating a pool is just as easy as giving your NFT token address and sending a transaction. NFTs following the ERC721 and ERC1155 are currently supported.

The guide for adding a pool for your project to NFT20 is here.

Create an Uniswap Pool

When the pool is created on NFT20, a new contract with the ERC20 token standard is created for that project. You will need to add NFTs to the pool to get those ERC20 tokens. You can now take those tokens paired with ETH and If the pools are used and have good liquidity we may vote to have them added to our liquidity mining incentives.

Incentive your users to add liquidity (optional)

The next step is for you to create incentive for users to add liquidity and trade the newly created tokenized version of your NFTs. Projects reaching a high liquidity may be incentivized to receive our governance token $MUSE.

To incentive LP staking you can use your already made contract or standards like the ones made by:

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