Contract address

$MUSE: 0xb6ca7399b4f9ca56fc27cbff44f4d2e4eef1fc81

$sMUSE (staked muse): 0x9cfc1d1a45f79246e8e074cfdfc3f4aacdde8d9a


The $MUSE token was initially distributed in September of 2020 through our first game Very Nifty Gallery. Players of this game were able to mine the initial $MUSE supply before the game ended in February 2021 due to high gas costs. 400k $MUSE was minted through the game alone and an additional 100k was awarded to players that stuck it out to the end. After NFT20 was created and a successful governance vote $MUSE was made to be the governance token for the Muse DAO and halted $MUSE rewards from the Very Nifty game.

Supply and Distribution

Total supply of $MUSE is 1 million

  • Very Nifty Game mining: (Distributed): 400k

  • Nifty Game Rewards Distributed at End of February 2021: 100k

  • Yield Farming Rewards: 300k with emission schedule of 500 tokens a day

  • DAO Treasury: 100k vested over 12 months

  • Development Team: 100k vested over 12 months

The utility of $MUSE is to act as the governance token for Muse DAO, gain exposure to a DAO that is always innovating in the NFT space. Stakers of $MUSE collect a percentage of value captured by any protocols we build.


$MUSE can be staked here to earn a percentage of fees generated by our protocols. So far, NFT20 has been sending fees to stakers since July 7 2021, you can see the Dune Analytics page below for more information. All staked $MUSE is subject to a 10 day lock period when unstaking.

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