Q. How is the price of the NFTs decided? A. The price of each NFT is decided by the bonding curve the project owner decides when creating the Launch.

Q. How do I redeem my NFTs? A. The moment you buy an NFT it is transferred straight to your wallet, you can sell back your NFT to the pool at any time as long as the sale period is active.

Q. When does the sale end? A. The owner of the launch can end the sale in 2 ways. If all NFTs are bought out of the pool or when the time runs out. The owner can then, at any point chose to close and end the sale withdrawing all funds.

Q. How can I create a Launch? A. Creating your own launch is easy, gas efficient and safe. just head over to the /create page and follow the instructions.

Q. How can I withdraw my earnings after I launched an NFT? A. Once the sale ends or sells out, you can withdraw funds raised from the contract to finalize the sale.

Q. Is Launch by Muse audited? A. Launch is not officially audited and everything was built within a weekend by 2 devs, use with caution as there may be exploits and bugs. We are not responsible for any bugs.

Q. Does Launch have fees? A. We don't take any fees, we are built on top of Sudoswap and there is a 0.5% fee for trades on Sudoswap.

Q. What are the risks of using Launch? A. Launch is a decentralized platform and sales can be started by anyone. Do your own research about the project you want to buy before buying.

Q. Is Launch decentralized? A. The Launch factory contract has no admin functions, can't be edited after deployment.

Q. How do I update my project details like social, description ,etc? A. To set your project description and twitter accounts, you need to do a pull request on this github repo https://github.com/verynifty/launch-by-muse, feel free to pm us on discord to speed up the merge process.

Q. Will there be an airdrop for Launch users? A. Will there be an airdrop for Launch users?

Q. Why is the site somewhat slow? A. The site loads by querying data on chain, we have a backend or database.

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