How to Launch a project

Choose details for your project

  • The name

  • The project symbol

  • A link to the NFT metadata (API must follow ERC721 standard. If you don't know how to create NFT metadata API see here)

  • Max supply

  • Duration of the sale (in hours)

Pick your pricing

  • Linear or exponential (read more here)

  • Starting price

  • Delta

  • Fee

  • If you wish to raise in something other than ETH you can paste the ERC20 address under "ERC20"


Once you click launch and confirm a transaction, a new NFT contract and SudoSwap pool will be deployed. All NFTs in the collection will be minted into the pool and ownership of the NFT contract will be transferred to you.

Update project details (Twitter, website, description) via pull request here (feel free to reach out on Discord or telegram to speed up the merge process)


Once the sale ends or sells out, you can withdraw funds raised from the contract to finalize the sale. The Sudo pool will be transferred to you and the price per NFT in the pool will be set to 100 ETH (so you can decide what to do with them) if you have any unsold NFTs.

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