New players entering the game will need to buy a "pet" in order to get started, these are NFTs (ERC721) and cost 0.1 ETH each. The funds will go to the MUSE DAO and to the creators of the game. Pets can be bought here.

All pets have different characteristics, colors, rarities and they are all stored fully on-chain. Their state (happy, hungry, dead, etc) updates on-chain based on the game state and will reflect on the pet appearance. There will only be 2000 sold, once that is reached we will be adding a breading mechanism.

In this version of the game when a pet is starved (TOD reaches 0) and becomes grumpy, another player can kill it (fatalized). When this happens your NFT pet is sent to the burn address so be sure to take care of it as this is not reversible.

Give life

Once you have your pet you will click on "Give life" in order to give life to your pet and start mining $CUDL daily. After the transaction is done your pet will have a TOD counter that starts at 3 days, you will also be able to mine 0.6 $CUDL.


Pets require food to stay alive, all food costs different amounts of $CUDL ranging from 0.5-10 and offer different points and TOD. To do this you drag the food you want onto your pet and this will bring up the feed transaction. After this is done your TOD should update to show the new TOD based on what food was used.

Feeding does not stack TOD, it will always set the TOD depending the last fed item.

Of the $CUDL that's used feed pets, 90% is burnt upon feeding, 7% is sent to the Muse DAO and 3% goes to the developers.


Points are used to get you to a higher level, higher levels mine more $CUDL and you climb the leaderboard. Points given from food range from 1-2700pts depending on what is fed.

You can see the level calculator here. Keep in mind, there are no odd levels.

Grumpy pets

When a pets TOD reaches 0 it is starving and will become "grumpy". Grumpy pets will show up under the leaderboard tab. Pets listed here can be killed. To kill the pet you click the grumpy cat icon and enter the in-game ID of the pet you want to send the points to. This will require a transaction and if successful you will earn 20% of the points of the killed pet. This sends the pet to the burn address and can not be saved.

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