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Royal Game

After 2 years of battle, this game has ended with the winner claiming 9 ETH.
The NFT Royal is a battle royale like game where players battle to be the last man standing and claim the ETH in the pool generated by users playing the game.

How does it work?

You need to register your NFT as a player by burning 90 ROYAL tokens. Once you join the game you have a countdown of 3 days until your character dies.Other players can attack you and make you die faster (remove time from your countdown), to get more hours of life you need to burn royal. The amount of hours you get per 1 ROYAL burned is decided by this curve no players remain, The player who lived the longest time will earn the ETH prize.

How much is the ETH prize?

The ETH prize is decided by players. Every time you attack someone, you get more ROYAL to buy more TOD but you also need to spend some ETH (you choose depending on which attack). 80% of that ETH goes to the final prize, 10% goes to the team and 10% goes to buy back MUSE for the DAO/Holders.

How can I get more ROYAL tokens to buy more life?

You get 6.9 royal per day (re calculated every second). Additionally you can attack other players and you get more tokens (as well as lower their Time Of Death) depending on the attack that you use.

Can I rug pull?

YES, there is a rug pull function in the contract (only accessible from Etherscan), anyone that holds over 69% of the supply of Royal can execute that function and he will end the game and take the prize. Don't let anyone rug pull!.

What is the token distribution?

Royal was given via airdrop, no tokens were sold or distributed for team members.