Ethcmd is an open-source, simple but powerful user interface to read and write to contracts on EVM compatible blockchains.

With ETHCMD you can:

  • Call multiple smart contract functions with different parameters while keeping the results on one page

  • Share links directly pointing to s specific contract function (see here)

  • Keep a list of your favorite contracts

  • Download all source code files

  • View event logs of a contract with decoded values and directly filter by event name

  • See hot contracts (A list of the most called function in the last 10 blocks.)

  • Detect and load proxy contracts

  • Call functions at specific block numbers

When exploring an unverified contract it will guess the functions from the bytecode read from the chain. You can then read the contract as bytes that can be converted into a string. (Thanks to @shazow's WhatsABI)

Guess the type for any ABI-encoded blob of data, such as call data, return data, or anything that was created with abi.encode(). (Thanks to @samcxsun's ABI guesser)

Try a hosted version:

VSCode + Volar (and disable Vetur) + TypeScript Vue Plugin (Volar).

Customize configuration

See Vite Configuration Reference.

Project Setup

npm install

Compile and Hot-Reload for Development

npm run dev

Compile and Minify for Production

npm run build


In a .env file:

CHAINNAME=> mainnet

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